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Marie Garner, the Founder of Humble Beginendz, mother of three, makes hygiene care packages for women housed in Women's Shelters located in the DMV area. Her compassionate vision came as a result of working in the criminal justice system for 20+ years.


She noticed that incarcerated women had a high rate of recidivism returning into the judicial system as a result of not having a solid support system, accountability, family dynamics, committed programs, housing plan of action, substance abuse, mental health issues, no sponsors and no treatment plan of action upon their release. 

Marie Garner stated, "I've always had the heart of compassion to help others and also give back to my community. In order to activate my faith and vision I began donating the hygiene care packages and clothing to the women when they left the shelter to seek employment. We also help returning citizens and unserved populations. This allows me to help the women through a labor of love who experienced a life changing of events during their travels to have necessary essentials required to assist them getting back on their feet."

Hopefully, you or your organization can bless and assist the women with donations that could make them feel good inside while looking beautiful on the outside. Looking forward to hearing from you to move forward with this wish fulfillment. 

Our Mission

Assisting women within my community through the labor of love who have experienced a life changing of events.

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